Compelled to be a Channel of Grace; practicing sacred and holistic rituals that are closely guarded testaments and passed on through many generations of mystics in my Indonesian ancestry. Where connecting to Source energy and following the intuition is an inherent compass to how one would navigate their life's purpose. 

Where hands on healing from loving elders guide and nurture you through your rites of passage to your highest calling. Where experiential learning is encouraged and incomparable to academics or literature. 

Raised in Singapore where a multicultural environment coexist in harmony, it has refined and attuned my empathy, compassion and discernment. Having lived and experienced a spectrum of cultures on an intimate and professional level, i have been blessed to relate to a diverse audience on an intuitive and a heart to heart level. 

Purposefully evolving and refining my gifts, I live in constant awe and gratitude of the beauty that surrounds me. Unlike what society has prescribed to the idea of conventional beauty, rather appreciating the deeper layers of what it gifts you with and the lessons that entails.

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